Summer Shoes for Fashionistas

Shoes are one of those things that people either completely love with, or couldn’t give less of a shit about.

Summer is my favorite season for footwear, because it gives you so many options. For people like me, I think shoes are essential to having an ACTUAL awesome in-real-life outfit. For Instagram, you can always crop out your shoes but when people see you in person? Your shoes are responsible for tying the entire outfit together, responsible for putting the finishing touches. You can have a great outfit on, but if your shoes don’t match it or tastefully contrast/compliment it? It’ll just look ~*off*~.

Below this post, I’ll be making your life easier by linking some of my favorite essential summer shoes, as well as giving some tips of how to wear them. Here are the most iconic summer shoes every fashion girl needs in her wardrobe!


Nothing screams “summer” like a good pair of espadrilles. I literally wear mine all the time because they’re so incredibly versatile! For the most use of them, I opted for a neutral black platform espadrille, but theres tons of others that come in different colors, and in sneaker form, for those who like to push the boundaries in the summer.

Chic Sneakers

Personally, I’m not a huge sneaker girl. But I still remember the day when these dropped, and brain literally exploded with ideas of how to style them. I love my Fila Disruptor 2′s because they instantly make every outfit over-the-top, chic, and fashion forward. I know a lot of people have a love hate with this specific sneaker, but I do recommend for those cool-girl summer looks, investing in a good go-to pair of unique, edgy sneakers.


Boots are a more recent addition to my radar, but definitely an important one nonetheless. A cute pair of boots accompanying your summer outfit is the perfect way to stand out and make a statement.


I’m 5’1″ – meaning the day I realized I could give myself more of a runway model height with shoes, was the greatest day of my life. But whether your petite like me, average height, or tall, platform shoes look stunning and stylish on everybody! They instantly elevate every look, making it more eye catching and interesting. I opted for a neutral colored pair from Boohoo to maximize my wearability of them, but there are plenty out there that are over the top and unique!


As everyone knows, summer is the time to kick back and relax. And for those days where you just want comfort, sandals are ones best friend. Last summer I fell in love with a pair of Birkenstock’s I bought. They keep my overall look still stylish, while providing me the comfort I needed. Under this category, also falls shoes like flip flops.


Gabby Sinn

Photos by Julie Muñoz

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