Street Style: the World Dreams Way

Terrence and I had 3 classes together before he graduated.

First, it was Intro to Chemistry, where I initially met him. It was very quickly made clear that our similarities lied in our love for fashion (we were both Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design majors) and our strong disliking for Chem. The second class was Computer Aided Design, where we’d sit next to one another and laugh as he helped me navigate Photoshop back when I had no idea what I was doing. And last — the most important of the 3 — was Apparel Design, where you had to draw and paint to communicate your own visions for collections. This was the class that showed me who he was as a designer. This was the class that showed me his growth as a visionary. And this was the class that made me realize, this kid has a bright future ahead of him.

Although I had saw Terrence design clothing and graphics all the time in class, where I really saw the World Dreams vision come to life was in the URI’s 2019 SASA Fashion Show. And I’ll be honest: his scene was the only one that really stuck out to me. Not just because the models walked to A Milli by Lil Wayne, but because his unique vision was reviving a movement that not many designers now a days tend to look to for inspiration. But he did. And he did it in a way that celebrates and captures the all the dopest parts of early 2000’s hip hop, all while staying close to his roots and giving a nod to Providence.

How to Wear It

As soon as I first saw the The World Dreams Graffiti Line drop, all I could think was “wow, this is the perfect tee for Daytrill”. But to take it a step further, this is also a a piece I can see fitting perfectly at any darty, or any time in general where you want your outfit to give off old hip hop vibes. All the graffiti tees from the collection either come in a bright color (ex. the red and yellow) or a neutral featuring a bright color (ex. the black with neon green).

For this reason, I’d probably opt for a neutral colored bottom, but keep the street aesthetic by using accessories and wearing matching/complimenting sneakers.

Yes, I mix checks with stripes. Debate the uglier you in the mirror.

Without any bias, I can honestly say one of the hottest graphics I’ve ever seen for Providence has to be the Take The City By Storm artwork. The design features the skyline of Providence while also lighting up the city’s name in LIGHTNING — it literally speaks for itself.

I curated this outfit with comfort in mind. When it comes to street style, cargo is a perfect, reliable choice to keep the outfit balanced and neutral, yet exciting. And to add a pop of color, I’d recommend a lipstick shade that makes every outfit effortlessly more fierce, fiery, and fashion — red.

The “Take the City By Storm” Pre Sale is officially live on the World Dreams website. I’m hella excited to see what World Dreams has coming up in the future, and if I were you, I’d head over and take a look at one of the dopest clothing lines the 401 has to offer.

Get the Looks


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