Applying Pressure Forever: Providence’s Diamonds

It’s no secret that it’s time the rest of the world starts opening their eyes to the creative powerhouse that is Rhode Island. But if there’s one group that I truly do think is pushing the boundaries and starting to make Rhode Island talent one to watch for, its APF the Label.

A big relationship was recently formed, that not enough people are talking about.

As stated way too many times before, I’m from New York, but go to school in Rhode Island. When I first got here in 2017, the first local artist’s name I heard was Dee Gomes. I remember a friend had mentioned his name, and when I asked “who that was”, I was looked at as if I was lived under a rock. Although it was a small, not-that-big-a-deal moment, this short convo really told me that whoever this “Dee Gomes” was, was someone I should get used to if I was going to take any part of Rhode Island culture. He was someone I’d have to get familiar with and look out for. And I’m glad that I did. Because he is a true PVD native that really is a star in the making. And that was reiterated to me when I found out he had collaborated with Polo G on a track just this past August.

This collab is a perfect stepping stone and glimpse of Dee’s journey to making it. I mean, think about who could be featured next.

What really interested me even more than just the fact that Dee had so much talent and potential, was the support system he had behind him. It amazes me how much talent lies within APF — between Dee, fellow label-mate Lily Rayne, Castle with his clothing line Castle, and so many more. Its groups like APF and groups like Firsteam, that are living proof that everyday, Rhode Island is becoming more and more of a force to be reckoned with. When APF succeeds, Rhode Island succeeds. Providence succeeds. I’m rooting for them, and I’m excited to see what more exciting new moves are in store for APF. And you should be too. Because what APF is doing for Providence is not only iconic, but inspiring.

Check out Dee and Polo G’s latest visuals for Forever, here.


Gabby Sinn

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