My Rush 2019 Look Book

Rush has been a long, exciting, but extremely tiring week. If you follow me on my Instagram (which, if you aren’t already yet, then follow me!) you probably saw all my photos showing off what I wore to each round. And today I’ll be showing you guys all my outfits once again, and linking where you can get each piece for yourself!

P.S: All T-shirts that I got with our letters during rush were given to me by my sorority, meaning I don’t have links for them! Also, if a link has a “*” next to it, that means my actual item was either sold out or from a friend, so I linked a similar option! So sorry!

Round 1 – House Tours

Round 2 – Philanthropy

Round 3 – Sisterhood

Round 4 – Pref

Well this is awkward.

I actually didn’t take any pictures at Preference round, due to a mix of my exhaustion and stress from school (Im still a college student at the end of the day). But heres the dress and shoes that I still wore, because you guys still should have a chance to buy them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bid Day: Carnival Theme!


Gabby Sinn

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