Au Revoir America — I’m Going to Paris!

Im sure by now, everyone’s tired of me complaining for the billionth time about how hard this year has been.

I honestly don’t blame you — I’m sick of myself as well.

But if there was one piece of news that’s turned my entire year around, it was definitely being told that I was application for studying abroad had been approved. Meaning, for Spring 2020 I will be in Paris. PARIS.

As if being able to go abroad for a semester wasn’t cool enough, it gets even better when I get to say that I will be spending my 21st birthday in Paris as well. And let me tell you guys, I’m literally ALREADY planning my outfit, where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, listing what wines I’ll need to try, and all of that! (Let me know any suggestions of places I should visit as well!)

I obviously wanted to write this post to let you all know about my good news and some of my big things that are to come. But, the underlying message that I really wanted to convey, especially for those who have had just as hard a year/semester as me, was that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hearing that I was accepted to go abroad was some of the best news I could’ve ever heard, and it will be so incredibly life changing. It’s a break from my current environment that I do think I needed, while still giving me the chance to continue my education and find/explore myself even further. But I would have never gotten that opportunity if I didn’t push through all the adversity and hard times I’ve been through this semester. And for all you guys doing the same, I know you will have your breakthrough news or breakthrough moment as well, that will make everything worth it and teach you why you had to go through all the hardness that you’ve faced.

Sending you guys all my love and light. Be on the look out for all my Paris outfits and photos coming real real soon, so I can take you all through this journey with me in any small way that I can. Much love.


Gabby Sinn

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