My 2020 Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone! ♡

My energy for writing this post right now can only be truly be conveyed by this video of Skip Bayless quoting Kawhi Leonard.

So, I’ll jump right into it — one of my many unpopular opinions is that “new year’s resolutions” are overrated. Not only do many people end up not keeping them, but people literally even forget they even had any once the “new year excitement” fizzles out.

But with that said, that doesn’t mean I’m not still going to make my own resolutions for this new year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Resolution 1: Drink More Water

If you guys read my post about the gifts I got this Christmas (and if you didn’t read it yet, click here!) then you saw that one of my favorite ones was a brand new Hydroflask. Besides my Hydroflask being the cutest shade of pink that’ll look good with all my outfits, I was super excited to get one because I made it a goal of mine to drink a lot more water. Other than being good for clearing up your skin, drinking lots of water is also important for carrying out healthy body functions and relieving menstrual bloating and cramps. Meaning — it’s time to get on it.

Resolution 2: Stop Adding Heat to My Hair

Those who know me personally know that I straightened my hair for New Years. But that was the LAST time (I promise!)

As someone who’s extremely into constantly changing and evolving my look, one major thing I do to my hair at least twice a year (sometimes more) is color my hair. For years I’ve been getting blonde balayage to make me overall look brighter. Although my salon is full of curl experts (I go to Ouidad — I highly recommend for all my curly hair beauties!), coloring your hair in general will still always in the end be something takes a toll on your curls. But, because I don’t see myself ever not coloring my hair, I’ve decided to find other ways to avoid more damage. Thus, I’ve decided to not straighten it anymore, and in general take better care of my hair with my Ouidad hair products.

I’ll be honest — I do see this one being a hard one. I don’t even fully know if I’ll be able to carry out. But I do believe putting things into writing makes them more powerful, so here I am writing this to make it that much more serious.

Resolution 3: Travel WAY More

As you guys know, I’m going to Paris in the Spring. But God willing, that will not be the only major adventure I go on this upcoming year.

In 2020, I want to experience lots of new things and go to lots of different places. Some of these include DayTrill and PVDFest in Providence, Rhode Island, Gov Ball in NYC, and maybe even a nice getaway vacation somewhere tropical this summer. But even if I can’t find a way to make huge getaways, I still want to get around, see new things and have new experiences.

Resolution 4: Get Another Internship

In the Summer of 2019, I had the most amazing, dream come true internship at a luxury headband company called Caieér. All summer long, I found myself constantly exploring the coolest parts of New York City in SoHo, the Flatiron District and the Garment District, sourcing materials and constantly gathering inspiration.

My supervisor taught me a lot at this job. And I think the fact that it was so hands on was what I loved about it so much. This year, it’s incredibly important to me to find another internship and elevate my learning even higher. No holding back — this year I want to do big things in the fashion world and begin making my mark.

Resolution 5: Take My Passions and Do MORE

As if Caieér wasn’t already one of the greatest eye openers ever, what was even more inspiring was the fact that it was stationed at The Wing SoHo. The Wing is a beautiful all-women’s co-working space, that has several locations. What was really bad-ass to me though, was the fact that it was full of all women who were so determined and focused in building their empires — whether that be their blogs, businesses, art, anything.

My passions lie in fashion of course, but I have a deep love for writing, art, and sewing (when I know what I’m doing — I consider myself an intermediate!). I created this blog as a creative outlet for myself, and I know I haven’t been able to write on it as much as I’d like to due to me focusing on college. But in 2020, I want to make it a priority to find more time for myself to do the things I love — that means writing more, creating more, and sketching more.

Resolution 6: Be The Absolute Best Version of Myself

I always poke fun at how rough 2019 was. But looking back, I believe it was rough because it taught me so many tough lessons that I needed to learn the hard way, to humble me and make me mentally stronger. This year, I want to take these lessons and use them to become even more compassionate, more loving, and more positive to those around me. I want to keep spreading positivity, acceptance and wisdom, through my actions but also through my words here on my blog. The only thing that makes this life we live so important is our legacy — and I want to have a good one.

Comment below your New Year’s Resolutions — I’d love to hear them!


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