Do It For the ‘Gram: Some NYC Photogenic Hot Spots

As a NYC native, I have a huge list in my mind of spots that I love to visit and recommend. I mean, New York is full of so many gorgeous and fun places experience. From cafes to museums, from landmarks to parks: we have it all. Personally, some of my favorite places to visit tend to be bright, open spaces (extra points if I can shop there!) that are more low-key. And whenever I visit these places, I can also always rely on them to be the perfect backdrop to any photoshoot. So whether you live here in the City or are visiting and want some tips where to go, I thought I’d share with you all some of my old-reliable hot spots for perfect Insta photos!

5th Avenue and Central Park


Battery Park

Brooklyn Bridge and All It’s Cute Neighborhoods

Times Square

Comment down below some of your favorite places to take Insta pics!


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