How I Edit My Photos

When you scroll through my Instagram, you can see that I’ve changed up my editing aesthetic a good amount of times in the past. But the most drastic change so far has definitely been from my last aesthetic to my latest one: a more crisp, clean, minimalist overall look.

In the past I used VSCO to edit all my pictures. I’d edit them all to be bright and colorful, to reflect my personality. But now, I use the Adobe mobile app Lightroom to edit all my pics. On Lightroom, you can apply presets to your photos that give you an overall similar aesthetic and color scheme, without worrying at all about ruining the quality of your photo.

I bought my Lightroom presets off Etsy, as many people tend to do. There’s honestly hundreds of beautiful presets out there that you can buy, that will give your photos all different looks without being too expensive. For me, the preset I instantly fell in love with as soon as I saw it was Serenity by CourbeDesigns (click here to to check it out!). The pack comes with 5 presets that all have slight differences, so you can pick which one you want depending on what photo your editing. I always tend to use the 1st preset that comes in the pack, but all the presets collectively give my pics a really cool bright white effect thats super chic and professional.

PS: When you buy a preset, the website you buy the preset off of should give you instructions on how to unzip the file download and apply it to all photos.

With a bit of practice, you’ll find that Lightroom is actually not as hard and scary as it looks, and leaves all your pics looking effortlessly dope and cohesive! Let me know if you guys decide to try out the preset for yourself or which other presets you guys use and love!


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