I LOUVRE This Dress: Here’s Where You Can Get It!

Hey loves!

So I literally just have to tell you guys all about this dress. I bought this beauty earlier this month at an H&M back when I was in New York. And ever since I first laid my eyes on it, I was obsessed. I mean, the pattern is so minimalistic and beautiful. The fit and the silhouette is just on point. The quality feels right. But as if that wasn’t enough, I just feel like it’s the perfect way to dip your toe into wearing something a little more *out the box*, but still not going too far out there.

And that comes in handy for anyone who lives/traveling somewhere like London, Paris, or just about anywhere in Europe: I learned very quickly that Europeans are extremely stylish, but most tend to not be very flashy.

What I love so much about dresses like this is how loose and comfy they are. This one in particular has balloon sleeves and just enough flare all throughout: so theres tons of room for you to comfortably move. It was a perfect choice to wear to the Musée du Louvre, being somewhere that you want to go looking chic but also feel comfortable enough to walk for hours.

For the most part, H&M is always reliable when it comes to comfort and fabric. And it is no different for this garment: It’s cute, versatile, can be dressed up or dressed down, and it’s affordable too!

Click the Image Below to Get it! ♡


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