New Brands I’m Obsessed With

So… I went shopping recently.

One big goal that I’ve been wanting to do here in Paris is check out some different brands on top of the ones that I routinely normally go to. And I did just that — and actually really fell in love with them! So for today’s post, I’ll be telling you guys about a few of the new stores I’ve been checking out lately that I’m totally head over heels over, and will be shopping at way more!

Oh Polly

So as most of you might already know, my big 21st is coming up on March 8th. And when it came time to look for a new, fabulous, extra AF dress for the occasion, the first place that I thought to check out had been Oh Polly. Even though I’ve yet to try out any of their garments yet, I’ve been hearing tons of good things about them. Apparently the quality’s really good and have you SEEN their page? They have the most gorgeous selection of sexy dresses that could come in handy for a number of occasions. So it only fits that Oh Polly would make it on to my list!

PS: Students who use Unidays or Student Beans can also get 15% off on their website, As if there WASN’T already enough of a reason to check them out!


I’ve been in Paris now for about a month, and one brand that I always heard about and had been dying to check out has been Bershka. Despite being the sister company to Zara, I’d personally equate Bershka more to something like an H&M. The clothes are extremely stylish and good quality, but a little more edgy and street than Zara. Plus, price wise, I’d definitely say Bershka resembles more of an H&M — definitely more on the comfortable, affordable side.

After a really hard process of elimination in the fitting room, I ended up buying this adorable new white puffer that I literally CAN’T wait to style (click here for their online selection of puffers!), and a new $9 black tee that’s one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body.

As of right now, I don’t think Bershka has any brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., but I would not blame anyone for still checking out their online store and ordering overseas. They prioritize sustainability AND they have the cutest streetwear clothes that really do have that effortless, European cool girl flare. So with that said, Bershka’s absolutely on my list of stores now that I’ll need to hit back up on all my future shopping sprees.

Pull & Bear

When I first heard about Pull & Bear, it was described to me as a store that resembles that of an American Eagle. After actually going, I do agree it does give me a little bit of that A&E vibe, but also with a California twist. Something like, A&E meets Hollister. Either way, Pull & Bear definitely got an amazing reaction from me once I step foot in store and saw just how cute their selection of clothes was. Seriously guys, I fell in love.

I would say the style of their clothes has a really wide span, coming from really printed girly chic to also really cool-girl street. Just looking at what they had to offer had given me so many visions of things that can be styled so many different ways — a feat that some brands don’t always get right.

More lately, I find myself having a huge crush on all things black, white, and minimalistic. I ended up buying a black wrap dress from Pull & Bear (Click here to see it) that I can’t wait to wear over and over again with so many different shoes and accessories. I absolutely see myself checking out what new pieces Pull & Bear comes out with for spring. I’m so excited to see what they come up with, and I trust that they will always show us something fun, exciting, and trendy.


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