My Go-To Red Lipsticks

Hey loves!

So ever since I first started wearing makeup, my favorite part was always putting on lipstick. Literally ask anyone from my high school — I used to wear it every single day. I feel like eyeshadow + lipstick are the main the places where people can be creative, add personality/brightness to their face, and compliment their overall look to give it THAT much ~*oomph*~.

Since I was never good at eyeshadow, I always experimented with different colors on my lips. But with that said, I always knew that nothing beats a classic. And to this day, my favorite lip will always be a good red.

I’ve tried out lots of different brands and shades of red throughout the years. And with different brands comes along different formulas, shades, feel + performance. But here, I’ll be showing you guys my absolute favorite ones that I highly highly recommend, and why I love them!

PS: I’m going in order of the collage, but by no means am I ranking these lipsticks. They’re all ones that I love and reach for!

1. Sephora Collection Cream Stain Liquid Lipstick in

So I recently bought this Sephora liquid lip because I’m abroad but left my Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lip back home on accident. Through the years I’ve learned that the most flattering reds on me have somewhat of a blueish undertone in it. So I needed something that didn’t look orangy or bright on me, but more serious and sexy.

This lipstick is exactly that, but lets be honest — you can find a good blue red in a lot of different places. What I love about this one in particular so much is the formula!

For a liquid matte, this lipstick is probably the least drying I’ve ever felt. But even though its not drying, it still manages to somehow not move or transfer at all.

It’s literally like, magic you guys.

It’s been my holy grail since I’ve been here in Paris, and I absolutely do see myself buying it over and over again when this one run out. 100% recommend!

2. Bobbi Brown Lip Color Lipstick in Firefighter Red

This was one of the first red lipsticks I ever bought, alongside my MAC lipstick (that I’ll talk about right after this one). Before I found liquid lips and fell in love with them, these originals were obviously always what I reached for. This shade is quite similar to the others in my opinion — a rich, blue undertoned red. But what sets this lipstick apart for the others is definitely its formula.

If your someone who’s not a fan of liquid lips or mattes that are extremely drying (even with a fair warning), this ones for you.

This Bobbi Brown lipstick is honestly exactly what I think of when I think of a traditional red lipstick. She’s matte, but not too matte. She’s not drying even in the slightest, which is good because your lips will still feel hydrated! The only con I really have for this lip is that it will transfer — which, I guess is expected, seeing that its not the matte-st of the mattes. But once again, for someone who considers themselves more of a traditional lipstick lover, this one is an amazing choice for you!

3. MAC Cosmetics Matte in Ruby Woo

If you’re a makeup fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of this MAC Cosmetics classic before.

Ah yes, Ruby Woo. I’ve literally heard people call this “the most perfect red lipstick out on the market”, and I gotta say, I do agree with them. Just like the others, Ruby Woo is a really pretty blue-red. She comes in the traditional tube, just like Bobbi Brown, but she definitely feels way more matte.

When I think of MAC mattes, the word “drying” doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Or at least, not a “drying” that anyone can’t handle. These lipsticks definitely feel comfortable on the lips and they truly are a classic for a reason. It’s like a must have for any big fan of reds.

4. MAC Cosmetics Matte in Chili

Being that this is the same brand as the last, I won’t be redundant and go on and on again about the formula.

What I will say about Chili though, is that this shade is less blue than Ruby Woo, but still a very pretty, more of like a brick red. When I first started wearing red lips, this one was probably my favorite ever. And I still do reach for this shade from time to time when I want more of a pretty, muted red thats still noticeable and flattering but not loud. It’s really a gorgeous color that I recommend for anyone who likes reds!

5. Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lip Kit in Red Velvet

Let me just say this off the bat: I’m a HUGE Kylie Cosmetics fan. And every time I wear my Kylie Lip’s I get compliments on compliments on compliments.

But when it comes to Kylie Lip’s I do think people should know a little about the formula before they get it, because especially with her regular mattes, it could be a lot to *~take in*~.

Kylie’s regular matte liquid lips are amazing and vibrant, but I do find them to be drying. At this point, I just put on some chapstick before I throw on the actual lipstick to keep it from feeling nearly like sandpaper. But then Kylie released a line of Velvet lipsticks, with a formula that I would say is absolutely way less drying and way more hydrating.

And I’m obsessed with it.

Other than the formula feeling amazing, I think Kylie’s “Red Velvet” Velvet Lip also has an amazing blue red color, just like the others. But what I also prefer about this lipstick is that with it being a liquid, the applicator helps you make nice, smooth edges when filling in your lips. They also come with a lip liner, that you can use as a bottom base to keep your lipstick on for even longer.

Red is such a classic, beautiful lip color that I truly do believe looks beautiful on everyone. Let me know below which red lipstick is your favorite, or if you try any of the above!


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