Journal Entries: Time

Hey loves!

So as you could probably tell, spirituality and being alignment with myself and the universe is extremely important to me. I mean, thats why when I created this blog I felt super compelled to create a tab that purely focuses on advice, positivity and affirmations.

One of my many role models in this world is the amazing Iyanla Vanzant (if you guys don’t know who she is, I HIGH KEY recommend you look into her – she’s amazing!) And after hearing her suggestion on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations Podcast to start and/or end every day with reflection and journaling, I downloaded the Jour app on my phone to do just that. And let me tell you guys – I’m in love with this app.

But anyways, lets get to the point of this post.

I’m starting a new series here on my blog, to post some of my personal journal entries that I feel are full of affirmations and valuable information that can be helpful to you guys. They may not all be full of scientific facts, nor will they always be “perfectly written” – and yet I will copy them onto here just as they are originally written, as that when I’m the most raw. This one in particular, is about time. And I constantly reread it because of how affirming it truly is for myself in my own life. Hope you guys like it! ❤

Originally written on Wednesday, May 13th, at 4:49 A.M

Time is a weird, funny thing.

It’s a man made concept. Simply a structure to keep order. An illusion

We as humans constructed time, so that minutes and hours come together to form days and weeks, then months and years. But in the grand scheme of it all – without this “man made concept”, these fancy words we use to keep the order – being alive and being here on earth is nothing but just one long life. A life that just so happens to be broken up by “when the sun goes up” vs “when it goes down”.

So with the knowledge of time not being real, I ask you – whats the rush? If time is not a real thing, just why ARE you in such a rush to do certain things? Why treat your life’s journey as a race? As if theres a finish line in sight. Truly, you don’t KNOW what’s in sight. So therefore, you use that as an excuse to go with the with the idea of having the rest of your life. Do not measure by our concept of time, as our concept of time isn’t real. But the Universe’s concept – who simply dictates that things will happen when it feels they are ready to happen. Again; you have the rest of your life.

I want to get rid of this habit of feeling like I NEED to be certain right away. Of feeling like I NEED to know how *a name i’m keeping anonymous* (or, anyone for that matter) feels about me, and so I can quickly have a relationship and begin that type of life. As if my happiness depends on their feelings, as if their acceptance is what’s most important in this life. I mean, I KNOW that’s not the case. The fear comes from thinking maybe they can find someone else – but, hey, let them! So be it, if thats the case. The world does not revolve around the safety of your feelings. It revolves around what’s best for you, in the best time for you. And that, is out of your hands.

So again.

Repeat after me.

Forget “time” – because time isn’t real. I have the rest of my life. And there is no rush, no limit, no nothing. I have all the time in the world.



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this little section of your journal. 🙂

    I do agree that time is a human creation. I think that we should never set things to happen on the tomorrow island. It doesn’t exist. If you want to do something, then do it now. Don’t wait.

    Don’t wait on someone else for any reason. If they can’t keep up, then it’s ok. You can still go on and join back with them at some other moment. We don’t know what tomorrow will be made of. But we do know the choice we make today, this moment and it’s all that matters.


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