Hey Loves… It’s Been A While

Hey loves! So… Once again, its been a while.

I got asked something today that both made me laugh but also perfectly summed up my life lately. Honestly, its what inspired me to stop slacking and write again. Funny how one simple question can do that, huh? To paint the scene; my sister and I went to Park Slope to get her second hole and cartilage pierced. As she was in the room, and I was sitting outside trying to block out the craziness and sadness I was experiencing lately. I then hear the piercing shop cashier uttered through his mask:

“So… hows your apocalypse going?”

– The dope ass cashier with the coolest nose bridge piercing I’ve ever seen

As funny, quirky and tragic as that question may come off, I felt it really does sum up my life pretty well at the moment.

I havent written in a while. Life has taken all types of crazy twists and turns, and for once I decided maybe I should open my Macbook back up and do something I havent done in a while; go back to my blog, and just be open and honest. I mean, thats a big reason as to why I made it in the first place, and im know Im not the only one who’s had it rough lately right? Maybe take this moment to remind people that its okay to not be okay – especially right now. The pandemic is still going on and theres still so much uncertainty, and I know its easy to feel lost and exhausted of it all.

So here I am, after who-knows-how-many months, back on my blog while waiting for Chipotle to be delivered via Postmates. One heartbreak later, exhausted from online classes with no breaks (we didn’t get any holidays off this semester), missing my friends and just tryna get by. Honestly, just like everyone else.

Im making a promise to myself that I want to start being more consistent and writing more. I’ll admit; its been extremely hard to stay motivated and on top of my blog when life is just so far from normal. But its important to always find little ways to make yourself stay happy – even if that means just making small goals and accomplishing those (a little nugget of advice there!). And thats what I’ll be striving to do.

Thinking of everyone reading, especially if your feeling down too, and just wanting to remind you guys that you’re cared about. And I hope that while reading this, you can feel theres someone out there you can relate to at times like this – which is pretty different than on social media where many people are still trying to act like the world’s “normal”. It’s not, and thats okay. How you feel is valid and we’re not alone.

I have some interesting ideas for new content soon, but as always if you have anything fashion related you’d like me to speak on, feel free to comment! Thinking of all of you! More to come soon ❤



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