Journal Entries: What Would You Tell Yourself in a Difficult Moment?

Hey loves!

I hope you guys have all been well. Thankfully, I’ve been in a really good headspace lately.

Sometimes I like to reread my old journal posts just to see how far I’ve come. So, that’s pretty much the reason that I’m back with another journal entries post. I found this one that I thought could be extremely helpful and valuable to people, seeing that it truly is the way I get myself out of difficult moments. I try to keep this perspective and these mantras you’ll soon read below, in order to get me through life’s hardest. Honestly, they are really comforting. And be sure to let me know down below what you think, too.

What would you tell yourself in a difficult moment?

The universe throws things your way to constantly build you up, making you stronger while also making you vulnerable. EVERY event that happens, can be dug into to find the lessons. And sometimes the lessons are hard, whether they be emotionally – due to attachments – or mentally. But events simply do not just “happen”. Theres always a reason.

Life is not stagnant. That goes against Newtons Law – objects in motion stay in motion. Theres ups and theres downs. The bad does not last forever, so when you in the bad, try to find ways to make yourself feel better. Sit with the pain, learn from it, and distract when its time. But do not run from it — I don’t care how bad it is or how bad you messed up — your stronger than that.

Thanks for reading! Let me know down below in the comments – did this entry help you in any way? Whats your opinions? What would YOU tell yourself in a difficult moments? I can’t wait to hear!


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