Countdown to NYE: Need Plans? I Got You!

Hey loves!

So it goes without saying – although 2020 is almost over, quarantine still isn’t quite done yet. Meaning, NYE is gonna be a day full of people all dressed up with nowhere to go. *Sigh* I know. But, the good news is that this does NOT mean that we cant still have a fun New Years Eve! And thats precisely what todays post is gonna be about.

Slightly off topic for a sec, but one of my favorite things about is their super quick ship times, especially with Amazon Prime! They also have so many great products in literally one place… it truly just makes life so much easier. And being that NYE is so close and Amazon will send products ASAP, all of todays products are going to be listed from there. But absolutely be sure to check the shipping date to double check and be sure they’ll arrive on time!

P.S: all pics are from way before quarantine. Keep in mind with any gathering to still social distance, and if your gathering with anyone outside of your household I highly encourage you to mask up!

Personally, I always find decorating to be an amazing way to lift your spirit – especially for holidays spent in quarantine. Go all out with it! Maybe even add a few props just for a photobooth type of vibe. Whether the decorating is just for yourself (or just for the ‘gram), if making your environment bright and cheery uplifts you at all during the holiday, it’ll be worth it. So go on and deck out your house in streamers, gold/black/silver balloons, and buy all the champagne needed to properly say adios to 2020. Find decorations below!

Want more inspo? Check out my Pinterest board below!

Theres SO many fun board games out there that people can play to have a NYE game night. And truth be told, this is the idea that I foresee my family doing! Have some laughs with a little friendly competition. Play some Uno and accuse everyone of cheating until you win. Down below I’ll link some of the games my family loves playing, and some others that will make your NYE game night a blast!

Ok so this is an idea I’ve had forever and always wanted to do for New Years! Themes are always such a good time and I always love seeing how everyone interprets them in their own way to come up with their own looks. I mean, remember all the cute “Roaring 20’s” themed NYE posts we saw last year?

A few years back, my sorority had a wig themed social (as seen in the pics below) and it was super fun and super cute – especially for pics! Ever since then, I’m truly dying to have another wig themed party. But wigs are just one idea; even beyond that, you can make your little NYE gathering any theme you’d like. Be creative! NYE is an extra holiday. Its meant to be glitzy and glamorous or even silly and campy. And themes are a cute idea for something you can do at home with your family or roommates that can still make the night fun and start 2021 off with a bang!

Linked below is the wig I’m wearing in these pics incase you want it, along with some others incase you want to give the wig idea a go!

Since everyones been home for the year, I know many people have gravitated to trying new recipes, or learning to cook/bake altogether. And thats great! Some fun ideas you could do for NYE revolving around food is maybe host a bake off, make cocktails, or make a some cute charcuterie boards! I’m in love with these below from food blogger @briemyboard. Definitely check her out on Instagram for more inspo and super bomb food pics! Also, links down below for some boards you can use 🙂

Photo Courtesy of @briemyboard

Out of all the holidays, NYE is ~that~ holiday. She’s ~that~ girl. And what I mean by that is, its the perfect holiday to wear anything over the top and ring in the new year dressed to the nines. It’s what I look forward to, to be honest. So similar to the decorating idea, pull out your fanciest! And be sure to take pics!

Need outfit inspo? Once again, I got you covered 😉 Check out my last post here for what to wear.

Cute idea: keep one of these bad boys handy to take pics and document your night 🙂

For the most part, every year my family watches Dick Clark’s New Years Eve special to watch the ball drop. And honestly, on a year like this I think most of us are going to be tuned in to shows like that to have something to watch this New Years Eve – and that’s okay! Sure, it may not be a party or even the live ball in front of you – but its still an option!

Also, for any of you fellow Rupaul’s Drag Race fans like me, the premier is on NYE! So I’ll definitely be watching that too!

Last but not least, just because we are all far apart doesn’t mean we can’t still be in close contact with those we love. For all those that you wish you could be with, but cant because of quarantine, hop on a zoom call! Maybe even send out fancy invites from Canva and text/email them to your friends for it.

Full disclosure: all Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

For more ideas of what you can get for your NYE plans (and honestly just cool products in general!) check out my Amazon Quarantine NYE Ideas List here!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know down below what YOUR NYE plans are!


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